The National Transit Map
LetterThumbnail Secretary Foxx signed the National Transit Map Dear Colleague Letter on March 8th.

What? How? Why?
Transit agencies voluntarily grant the U.S. Department of Transportation access to, and use of, their data

The data are provided as GTFS files

BTS uses the data to update the National Transit Map
Transit agencies register their data at

Agencies also use the application to grant the U.S. Department of Transportation a CC BY 3.0 US creative commons license

The license gives the U.S. Department of Transportation the right to access and use the agency's transit data periodically

BTS collects the data and combines them into the National Transit Layer

The National Transit Layer is used to create and maintain the National Transit Map
To gain a greater understanding of how transit affects access to opportunity

Improve awareness of existing transit systems and schedules

Insight into the national transportation system

A critical and substantial update to National Transit Layer; a National Geospatial Data Asset (NGDA)

NGDAs are an important part of the National Spatial Data Infrastruture (NSDI)

Answers GTFS? What else?
Frequently Asked Questions

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GTFS is an acronym for General Transit Feed Specification

Feeds are internet locations from which data can be harvested

The specification defines how to store transit data about stops, routes, and schedules

It has been adopted by about half the nation's transit agencies and almost all the largest agencies
The National Transit Layer will be available from the National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD)