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Service Description: Monthly summary statistics are based on data from the Lock Performance Monitoring System (LPMS). The LPMS was developed to collect a 100% sample of data on the locks that are owned and/or operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Each record contains data summarized monthly by lock chamber, and direction (upbound and number and types of vessels and lockages (recreation, commercial, tows, other), cuts, hardware operations, delay and processing times, number of tows and all vessels delayed, total tons, commodity tonnages, and number of barges. The data are by waterway and by calendar year. The waterway files contain 5 years of data for one waterway. The calendar year files contain 1 year of data for all waterways. The Navigation Data Center had several objectives in developing the U.S. Waterway Data. These objectives support the concept of a National Spatial Data Provide public access to national waterway data. Foster interagency and intra-agency cooperation through data sharing. Provide a mechanism to integrate waterway data (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Port/Facility and U.S. Coast Guard Accident Data, for example) Provide a basis for intermodal analysis. Assist standardization of waterway entity definitions (Ports/Facilities, Locks, etc.). Provide public access to the National Waterway Network, which can be used as a basemap to support graphical overlays and analysis with other spatial data (waterway and modal network/facility databases, for example). Provide reliable data to support future waterway and intermodal applications. Source of Data The data included in these files are based upon the Annual Summary of Lock Statistics published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/CEIWR, Navigation Data Center. The data are collected at each Corps owned and/or operated Lock by Corps personnel and towing industry vessel operators. This data was collected from the US Army Corps of Engineers and distributed on the National Transportation Atlas Database (NTAD).

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